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Gran's Kitchen - Recipes from the Notebooks of Dulcie May Booker

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Mouth-watering recipes from a disappearing era


At 95 years old, the lovely Dulcie May Booker shares her 76 best recipes and cooking tips in this handsome volume peppered with reminiscences and photographs of her life as dressmaker, market gardener and homemaker extraordinaire.

Compiled by Dulcie’s granddaughter, talented ‘foodie’ Natalie Oldfield, this cookbook will satisfy the current interest in traditional New Zealand cookery in a personal way, by focusing on one woman’s authentic, tried-and-true versions of the nation’s favourite dishes. Many New Zealanders will be able to identify with Dulcie’s story of a life filled with ‘labours of love’ and sustained by land and sea – or recognise it as similar to that of their own ‘Gran’.

Beautifully-produced and laden with at least one gorgeous full page image per recipe, Gran’s Kitchen is practical nostalgia: it contains easy- to-follow instructions on how to make Dulcie’s excellent, classic fare, from hearty fisherman breakfasts to dance supper dainties, as well as Dulcie’s secrets to award-winning baking, cooking and preserves.

Continuing the home cooks’ tradition of sharing recipes with each other, tucked in with Dulcie’s recipes are favourites from family and friends, some old, some new.