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Gran's Sweet Pantry - SOLD OUT

For Natalie Oldfield, food and cooking has always been a part of her life, but her love affair really began with baking. 


Natalie believes this book offers an opportunity for others to create similar experiences. Gran's Sweet Pantry is an ‘invitation to you to start thinking about what you would like to have in your sweet pantry, what you would like to share with your loved ones, and what you would like to make as a gift for others’.

Gran’s Sweet Pantry is a collection of the best recipes from Dulcie May. Continuing the home cook’s tradition of sharing recipes, tucked in with Dulcie’s recipes are favourites from family and friends, some old, some new.

Beautifully produced and laden with gorgeous images, Gran’s Sweet Pantry is split into practical sections: scones and muffins, biscuits and sweet treats, cakes and loaves, slices, desserts and preserves. All are sure to keep the pantry full.